Through global eSports events and competitions, we gained experience and insights into a scene which could not evolve any faster. For the sake of simplicity, the broadest areas we work in are listed below – always in alignment with our individual and strategic approach. Feel free to contact us, so we can discuss how to realize what you specifically have in mind.

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Esports events around the world take on different shapes and sizes. Whatever format or goal you have in mind, our event management team will find your personalized approach with you to make your ideas become true.

We can organize promotional events in city centers or draw up blueprints for world championships. Our event management skills are not limited to planning, as we can also take care of the execution.

In addition to planning and execution, we raise awareness among relevant target groups to generate the attention your actions deserve. Live streaming and the distribution of broadcast rights can help increase the resonance of your production and is part of our expertise.


The world of gaming and eSports evolves around competitions. We try our best to enhance, revolutionize and innovate all competitive elements in tournaments we are involved in, in order to assure nearly perfect circumstances for all participants. The professionalization of every part of the rundown of the competition is key to success.

We ascertain qualification processes with equal chances for all participating players and fair conditions in all competitions.

Competition management does not only mean that we optimize over the course of events but also strive to improve the communication between all involved parties. This is why we are working on the digitalization of all processed information and the enhancement of its distribution.

Photos by: FIFA/Getty Images 

Photos by: FIFA/Getty Images 


Despite being gamers at heart, marketing is our profession. We select an adequate mix of communication measures and the necessary amplifiers to secure the meaningfulness of your activities.

Our team possesses a profound understanding of online marketing measures such as social media, content and e-mail marketing, search-engine optimization and native advertising or programmatic display. In order to evaluate and optimize all digital marketing, we make use of data science and visualization.

We always take into consideration the combination of various methods online and offline to amplify the reach of your campaign.


We aim to amplify your project’s resonance using our network of contacts to endorse your cause and steer the public’s perception in a favourable direction. We have your image and credibility in mind, with everything we do.

To ensure this, we carefully select brand placements and distribute information to contacts from media outlets and other relevant partners. Through these partnerships around the world, we only let your name appear in the right context and make sure your brand identity is transferred to the eSports world.

Photos by: FIFA/Getty Images